by Karol Suguikawa

The method was created to think about masculine supremacy in relation to the feminine gender. It use projects of male designers who look for curved and feminine forms in their pieces doing the inverse process, turning all the curves straight and obtaining pieces with contemporary appeal and full of edges.




Despite the fact Varuzh considers that his artworks in terms of style and techniques are very different, he decided to make a collection which would be based on my artworks from different time periods, but these are having one common approach – visualization of the images in the medium of the modern art in terms of philosophy. All his ideas are based on a concept that past, present and future can exist as an integrity in different ways of the images on the canvas. He is trying to create the space for interpretations by not giving the certain answers.

Artist:  Nazzrin Saleh​


“Imaginary, Fictitious Creatures Creator Existing in Both World” 

The worlds that he creates is inhabited by unique creatures that evolves are based on his research into real ecosystem and explore the diversity, complexity and characteristic that imagined worlds might demonstrate.

He plays with physiological elements of the creatures that maybe contradictory which create a dilemma in imagining the origin and lifestyle of the creatures.


Nazrin’s creatures have an anthropomorphic attribute that is subtle and also no immediately apparent creating the sense of unease to the viewer.

Polish Artist

Rafal Chojnowski